Friday, June 4, 2010

some little envies

When I listed my scapulars on Etsy, I put in the description that it would arrive in a decorative envelope.  Of course I didn't make any decorative envelopes, sure I could throw something together on the day, right?  Guaranteeing that I would get three orders in one day...oh dear.

I had some of those little church donation envelopes (sorry, church), and I played around with them but because they were already an envelope, I couldn't really embellish it very much.  So instead I flattened one out and traced the shape on to some coloured paper, and scored along the folds.  The flat envelope could then be embellished and run through the sewing machine for some impromptu mini collages, resulting in sweet little decorative envies!  A bit of glue stick and I was away.

The true skill and workmanship is that I made these in the hour running up to a two-year-old's bedtime as he desperately tried to get my attention, the poor craft room is destroyed with bits of paper from distracting him with paper punches and decorative (thus blunt) scissors.  If only I'd had a little girl, I imagine she would quietly play in my ribbons and cloth dollies, but unfortunately until I start making tractors up there I'm going to break his little heart.

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