Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Dresden Plate Applique

Years ago I found these 'Dresden Plate' applique panels in my late Grandma Beck's things.  They look like they were worked in the 40s or 50s, lovely old printed cottons.  My Grandma saved every bit of fabric, it doesn't surprise me that she tried her hand at these patterns that use up the smallest scraps.

I am contemplating what to do with them, there are five which makes a bed size quilt a tricky proposition.  Maybe a smaller quilt with four of the plates, and one framed to hang?  They are worked on to unbleached calico, and some of the basting stitches haven't even been removed.  My Grandma sewed a lot, but this is the only quilt I've ever seen of hers, I'm delighted she never finished it or she would have given it away.

I love paper piecing anyway, so I think this pattern might work really well for me.  I've been looking at other Dresden Plate variations on Pinterest, lots of beautiful work there.  I'd like to try it in some of my own colours and mixing in some lace and buttons as I normally use.  Here are some other plate patterns I love!

A gorgeous wall hanging by blogger Retro Mama:

Vintage Dresden Plate potholders from Etsy seller Vera Viola

And a cute version from Cath Kidston that uses a yoyo for the centre:

Looking at these, I think my Grandma's are the nicest!  The colours are still beautiful after being stored for all these years.