Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Speaks to Me

Recently I posted a photo from my Pinterest board titled 'Speaks to Me', which are images that resonate with me a little bit deeper than usual.  I'm endeavouring to blog about a few of them to think about what it is that I identify with in the images.

Today I am really feeling this image, which is a photograph of a pair of antique-looking ceramic hands holding Scrabble tiles spelling 'grateful', on a bed of fallen leaves.  Today I am feeling grateful, and also noticing how often we lack perspective in the things that we feel disappointed or annoyed with in our lives.  It never fails to amaze me how much easier it is to adjust our attitude than it is to get the world to change to suit our preference, it's like the worst kept secret ever and yet so many people never catch on, don't even try.

This photo appeals to me aesthetically as well as for what it has to say.  I don't have any information about it, the link just goes to a tumblr blog.  It is lovely, though, and I'm glad someone went to the trouble to take their pocket of Scrabble tiles out into the world with them.