Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Speaks To Me

In the course of my serious Pinterest addiction, I run across images that don't fit into any particular board.  They are not flower shoppy wedding images, or old torn up rusty objet, or some sort of fabric sewn onto some other pretty thing.  Sometimes it's just something I love and want to look at all the time and I can't pin down just what usefulness it has to me so I pin it to a board I call 'speaks to me'.  I thought I'd blog about them and explore what exactly they're saying.

This image turns out to not be a paper collage at all but a digital image.  I kind of love this sort of digital collage, I love all the papers and elements in the same way I love and hoard real ephemera.  There is no name of the artist but the image links back to where it was originally posted.  I love the colours and vintage paper effects. The image is about inner dialogue, exploring the word 'soliliquy' and how it is a form of intrapersonal communication.  The two silhouettes reflect the positive and negative, pessimist and optimist, self-loathing and confidence.

My whole life I've always lived with a really terrible inner voice that can be sadistic and cruel and never lets me forget any stupid thing I'd ever done.  The internet and it's anonymous intimacy has taught me that rather than some horrible flaw it just happens to be really common, and nearly everyone goes through it, often so badly that they too think they have a horrible flaw.  We don't, we just have a part of our brain that doesn't want us to repeat our mistakes and isn't kind about it.

I love this image, it illustrates my own inner dialogue and reminds me that my occasional self loathing is nothing special, I'm no more loathable than anyone else, including a lot of people I really like.