Tuesday, June 15, 2010

now for something completely different

I've been working on something different for the past week or two, some toys to sell in the flower shop.  I decided this year to start stocking the shop with antiques and handmade, rather than buying in "antiques" and "handmade" from China.  It's a lot more work!  But it costs less in the long run, and we have unique items!  These are not anything like I would normally make but they fit in around here.

I made ten of these toys, some babushka ladies, bunnies, a bear, a monkey, a puppy looking thing, and a kitty.  They were fun to make!  I kind of made them up out of my head after looking around at a lot of these kind of plushies online.  I am especially proud of my handmade hang tags.  I don't know if anyone will buy them but they look adorable in the shop!


  1. Nicely done, Jess!

  2. Those are so cute! My mother and grandmother years ago made a couple of bunnies from white socks, and they were adorable. I think these will do well. :)

  3. find me a stitch@bonewits.com

    I love your babushkas
    and your bunnies

    the rickrack with the chicken stitch on the pillow
    is sweet