Friday, May 21, 2010

Little China Pincushions

This week I made pincushions!  I found a little china jar with no lid at the car boot sale in Shanagarry a couple of weeks ago, and it said to me 'pincushion'.  It is startling how many things say that to me.  So this past weekend at the awesome Carrigtwohill car boot sale, I bought some more bits of china to make into even more pincushions.  I even made one with the little shot glass with the milkmaid on it.  I literally eyed up everything as a possible pincushion, but I think it's out of my system now.

My favourite is the Carrigaline china dish with the shamrocks on it, as it came out satisfyingly round.  I also love the little vase with the strawberries on it.  These are all very good pincushions, they sit very still while you do your business of putting pins in them, no trying to get away.

I took my photos in a different spot with a different camera today.  My beloved Lumix has memory card issues and really needs to pop up to Dublin to get sorted out, meanwhile I am using Kieran's little pocket cam.  I took the photos on a shelf in the flower shop, instead of the window where I usually take them.  They came out like a lightbox...I don't like it!  I want my overexposed, Etsy-angle photos back!

These will probably not make it up on Etsy until Monday.  I suspect I will retake the pictures, I just can't let good enough alone.


  1. Hi Jessamyn, I found you on Stitchin Fingers while I was browsing the Members Blogs Group. I haven't been in there since I joined SF a year or so ago, so it has been great to check out all the blogs. I'm only leaving comments on those that I find of interest, and I have to comment on your cute pincushions! I have a tutorial printed off a website, which shows how to make pincushions using old china cups, but I never thought to go further afield and use other things as you have done - very creative!

  2. Thanks, Gina! I would be interested in that tutorial as I just figured out my own way of doing it.