Saturday, May 15, 2010

Cozy Memories on Etsy

I love this Etsy seller!  Sonia, whose shop is called so thoughtfully, Cozy Memories.  I first ran across her jam jar covers on Flickr (searching 'linen', I'm obsessed, I swear).  Then I found her Etsy shop, and she has just a lovely selection of sweet little items, each exactly the sort of thing that makes my eyes happy.  Lots of linen and lace with a charming French domesticity that is always so effortless.

The best, though, is her blog, gorgeous and colourful and lively.  I have a little dream that we will retire to France someday...not so crazy, as it's only a boat ride away and we escaped the mortgage trap here in Ireland.  I love Ireland but I would love to have a little more sunshine, a little bit nicer food, and maybe some of that charming, lazy, effortless domesticity.  Sonia's blog, Cozy Homemaking, feeds that fantasy for me...and when I started clicking on her friends blogs (many of whom I recognise already from their beautiful art and photos!), it all just left me wistful and convinced that my little dream is one I should nurture and prod at as much as possible.

If you are feeling cozy and French now, spend an hour reading through her blog and blogroll!  Such a treat.

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  1. omgoodness, I don't know what to say !!
    well, yes ... THANKS !! I'm totally blushing from head to toe ! you are too kind to me !
    I'm so happy you enjoy my photos & blog so much ! It's so heartwarming to read such comforting words.
    have a wonderful & cozy weekend !