Thursday, May 6, 2010

Bloomsday Flowers

So far I've only really blogged about my textile work and Etsy, but I am actually a three dimensional human being!  And I have a day job, I own a flower shop in Carrigtwohill, Co. Cork, called Bloomsday Flowers.  I own the shop with my friend Noelle, and we will have been open for four years in June.  I love my shop and I love being a florist, it's a great job.  I also love owning my own business, so that when we have a slow afternoon--and there are plenty of those these days unfortunately--I don't have to pretend to be busy, I can use that time to sew or blog or other things that make me happy.  My shop is bright and beautiful and I love to spend time there!

I was uploading some photos of last weeks weddings to our flickr account, and I played with one of the images in Photoshop, thought I would share it.  If you'd like to see the flowers in all their blooming colour, visit Bloomsday's flickr account!


  1. hello thanks for dropping by my blog, glad you did cause now i found your lovely blog . happy blogging

  2. Hi found your blog through stitchin fingers I love your applique felt its so pretty...Lorna x

  3. Love your blog and particularly like the photos of your florist shop. You are one busy lady.
    Love your handwork too!