Thursday, May 20, 2010


Went for a walk through the churchyard at St. Colman's Cathedral here in Cloyne, the forget-me-nots are amazing!  It's a real deserted cemetery, all wild and overgrown.  The flowers are probably from a pot left on a grave decades ago, self-seeding over and over...all sorts of beautiful flowers everywhere.

Last week we were in the churchyard in Churchtown South, which is completely overgrown with wild garlic!  Very beautiful if unusually fragrant.  It's a really stunning location, a ruined church set amongst farmer's fields with the sea in the distance.  Beautiful spots for a quiet walk.


  1. beautiful photos ...can smell the wild garlic....Lorna

  2. (Hi Lorna!) Sorry Jess - I've known Lorna on SF for a while - it's funny to see familiar people popping up where you aren't looking for them!
    Jess, these photos are lovely. We don't have anything this old in Australia, and my friends who have been to the U.K. all rave about the old historic buildings and gardens. Cemeteries have thousands of untold stories...