Sunday, August 15, 2010

vintage thimble pincushion pendants

Today I made these pretty thimble pincushion pendants.  So many china thimbles in the world, all completely useless as thimbles...I wracked my brain thinking of something to make out of them.  The best part of these is that it is so useful to have a pincushion on a chain!  My husband is always finding needles on the floor and announcing 'THERE WAS A NEEDLE ON THE FLOOR' because he is in charge of health and safety when it comes to needles on the floor, only.  Nobody has ever stepped on one, but 'SOMEONE COULD STEP ON ONE', so these pendants not only are sweet and pretty, but also will keep your home safe from minor albeit painful foot injuries.

The best part is the tiny little tomato cushions.  Aren't they adorable?  With the little buttons.  My fascination with pincushions is bordering on obsession.  And the bizarre thing is that I haven't got a decent pincushion in the house, I use a pin dish.  That is why we have so many needles on the floor.

These are on Etsy!


  1. Save the babies feet ! Buy a pin cushion !

  2. put a magnet in the bowl
    it helps keep the unruly pointy things

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