Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Some Crazy Quilt Pillows

Little crazy quilts are my favourite things to make right now.  The process is so cathartic.  I love sitting at my sewing table and going through all of my fabrics and lace and trims and ribbons and arranging and rearranging, not even thinking too hard about it, just waiting until I feel all "oh, whooo!" and knowing that's how I want it.

And then I pack my quilt into my little sewing case, and keep it with me all week, sneaking a bit of embroidery every chance I get.  With little two year old hands grabbing all the time..."No, Henry, that is mama's!" over and over and over.  And then eventually I reach a point were I can't think of anything else to embroider, all done.

I made four little quilts in this last batch, always make at least two of something for some reason, or three or four.  I made them into little pillows so that they seem useful.  These four have nothing to do with each other, all different colours, but all pretty much the same for me, in the process.

All of these are in my Etsy shop, as always:)

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  1. Jessamyn! thanks for finding me!!
    I'll keep up with you here.
    Colette xo