Sunday, April 25, 2010

Pickle-making Sunday

I made pickles today!  Three litre jars of bread-and-butter pickles.  Lidl had pickling cucumbers for sale so I brought home half a dozen. 

Last time I visited my Aunt Sandie, she gave me some vintage canning books.  She does tons of canning, and makes the best bread-and-butter pickles ever!  The jars here are the French type canning jar, with the steel hasp and rubber gasket, and old canning books have instructions for using them.

The recipe I used called for brown sugar instead of white, and also cinnamon and ginger, so the pickles have a dark sweet syrup.  They are really strong and aromatic.  Such a treat to have bread-and-butter pickles in Ireland!  And three big quart jars, I'm rich!

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  1. Bread and butter pickles are my favorites - yours look great!